OK, so despite my best efforts this webspace has just turned into a big file store. Still, it's very useful for hosting photos on the remainder, so thought might as well link to all the pages

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Xmas Social - Well, maybe a little out of sync, but since Claudette sent them to me I thought I'd be efficient and put the photos. So here they are. Anyone else with photos, let me have them.

Bowling - Two updates in one evening! Well, since they've been sat on my computer waiting to go up for ages, have some bowling photos.

Laser Quest - The much anticipated (actually, if anyone was waiting, why?) scores from Laser are now online! Yay!

SWWU Swansea 2005 - Photos of the outdoor shoot when we held our leg of the SWWU archery league.

SWWU Bath 2005 - Photos of Swansea Uni Archery Club at the Bath leg of the SWWU archery league.

Indoor BUSA 2005 - Photos of the archery club trip to shoot at this years indoor BUSA in loughborough


Exmoor 2006 Photos - From Rob's weekend on Exmoor with Geoff and Piers

Reading Photos - Do you really recon I'll ever get round to sorting these out any better than this? Don't check back, cos they'll never have changed!

Jake's Christening - Photos taken at Jake's (Kat's Nephew's) Christening

Rhyddings Terrace - Leftover photos put up when moving into Rhyddings Terrace for showing other housemates. Soon as I can find where I put the originals I'll get rid of these!

VW Camper - Photos for my brother of a VW Camper on my campsite I stayed at while travelling (Summer 03)

Ruby - Photos from when our boat Ruby sunk (again)


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